OH SHIT. SHIT. YES. My mechanical keyboard has just arrived. It’s pretty different typing on this… finding the keys is a bit of an adjustment. I’m making a lot more typos right now… it”s all just a different feel. The keys are a bit closer together than they were on my membrane keyboard, which I’m still keeping around for emergencies and whatever. But seriously, this is so nice. If I have to work on a paper over at my mom’s house, I’ll probably bring it over there so I can actually type on it. The membrane keyboard on her laptop sucks anyway (sorry Mom). You can hardly press down on its keys without thinking you’ll absolutely destroy them.

This thing. This thing is a tank. Oh my God. The response is just amazing. And the clicks. Oh yes, the clicks. It’s like when I type, all of my typing actually has a real life impact, it’s ridiculous. I’m so glad I spent this money. Corsair K70 Vengeance, you and I are together forever. ❤

This is so great. Just writing. I want to write so much now. Oh yes. It feels like my WPM is off the charts right now.

I’ve been getting back into exercise again. I realized how much I needed it after I noticed how much better I’d feel after working out during lunch. Sometimes I build up a bad mood from sitting around in class all day and then start feeling, not a desire, but an actual need to work out. I don’t know why it happens because I certainly don’t build up a bad mood if I sit all day at my house. I think it’s because during school, my thought process overall is different. It’s less relaxed, more prone to absorbing drama, I suppose I could say.

Though for now, at this moment, my typing has sped by my thoughts and left them behind. I’ll come by again when I have something more to say. Have a nice day everyone. 🙂



Rants on College and Being a Student and P. Diddy’s Son

My English teacher this year is pretty awesome. I’m lucky to get two great ones twice in a row. I think that having strong outside perspectives to help shape my writing during my later years in high school is invaluable.

Right now I’m just being a bad kid. I have some free time with the computers as my teacher meets with students individually for their personal statements. I already did my English homework because I thought it was due today, soooooo…

College essays are… interesting, I suppose. The process kinda sucks. You can’t write an essay that comes off as cheesy and you have to present an experience that was meaningful to you. Not to mention the word cap. Oh God, the word cap. Two essays, neither of which exceed the 1,000 word limit. That’s hard.

Fully understandable though. College admissions offices must be tiring places to work in. You have all of these bright kids trying to get in, and an essay can be the thing that gets one kid in instead of the other. I can only imagine the towering stacks of paper that the college admission staff has to go through.

This is the only part of our educational system in which I sympathize with the people who’re a part of it. Well, maybe that’s not quite true. I also sympathize with the people of the College Board who read AP and SAT essays. I heard from a teacher that they basically sit inside a room and grade papers for hours straight. I know how I get when I read for hours straight. If I read an essay while processing what the student is trying to say and decide on how well they said it, then my brain would die a lot more quickly.

Our educational system is currently overrated in the first place. It would be nice to have lived in the time when I could pay my tuition off with a summer job but nooooooo, we just had to let the schools go on their own and raise tuition costs to ridiculous levels. The whole point of getting a degree is to be able to raise your own socioeconomic status. How effective is the process of getting a degree when you reach your destination with loads of debt? That’s right, it’s not.

Did you hear about that scandal with P. Diddy’s son getting a full ride to UCLA? It’s old news, but some people might be out of the loop on this. You know, people like me.

Anyway, I’m not really sure how I feel about this. Justin Combs is a great student with a 3.75 GPA and a love for football. However, he’s a son of a rich rapper, who wouldn’t be very affected if he had to pay all of Combs’ tuition. Yet, the guy got a full ride. A lot of people aren’t offended by this because apparently we divide scholarship funding between needs-based and accomplishments-based students. I suppose that he’s a well-rounded enough student to deserve an accomplishments-based scholarship, but getting a full ride, in which he doesn’t have to pay a cent, unsettles me.

It’s money that could be better spent. I don’t understand why nobody said, “Hey, why don’t we divert some of this funding over to a person who could use it?”

It’s probably because he is that good of an athlete, so they wanted to attract him with a strong bait. I guess that in itself is fine. But he better get played on the field pretty often. If somebody else is going to have several thousand more dollars in debt because the son of a rich rapper plays football well, it better be worth it.

Day 30 (FINALLY) : My Reflection in the Mirror

Sorry for the uber super late post. I procrastinated really hard. I actually liked this blog challenge, despite some shortcomings in a few of the prompts. It was a new way to stretch me out as a writer. I also like the idea of me ending this challenge on a Sunday.

A reflection in the mirror. In a literal sense I’m just a slightly sunburned white teen with a slim and fit appearance. Clothes are usually just T-shirt and jeans, no need for me to go more. Beyond physical appearance, I can see myself as a person with a good life. Nothing too extraordinary in terms of hardships or accomplishments, but I have my reasons to be glad and not sad about what I have.

Introspection is harder than seeing from the outside. I know myself and I don’t. Others will notice things about me that I don’t. An outside perspective can reveal a lot of things, but it will never reveal what’s inside another person’s heart. Only I will know what’s really inside my heart, even if I tell another person about how I feel.

A mirror is the main place for introspection. You can look yourself in the eyes and know who you are. You get to have that outside perspective for yourself. I often look at myself and know how far I’ve came. Sometimes I still think about the seventh grader that couldn’t do a pull up. Now I can row 210 pounds on the machine five times in a set.

What do you see in the mirror?

Day 29: The Person That I Want to Tell Everything To, But Too Afraid To

Well. I guess that I can safely say that I’ve already successfully done this. This is kind of a cheesy prompt anyway. If I wanted to tell somebody everything, then wouldn’t I do so? Is it because I like them and don’t want to confess my feelings? I would understand, only if it was that. And I’ve been there, done that, har har har.

I’ve already discussed this… however it’s in a protected post, so I guess you won’t really be able to get the details on that experience. Sorry about that. It’s only because I like sharing my blog posts among my friends and I don’t want to let people in on other people’s stuff.

Oh my God, I’m finally done with this challenge tomorrow!

Day 28: Someone That Changed Your Life

I’m going to talk about a person that subtly changed my life. The kind of change that isn’t realized until further self-investigation is completed.

One of my Internet friends, Sophia… she made me realize once again how youth can bring such vulnerability. And such willingness to trust. Never have we come face to face, yet she’s willing to talk about some of her more serious current problems with me. She is at least three years younger than me, but already less innocent. Far more vulnerable than I though.

I feel like, in a way, we lose this ability to trust as we age, probably because we’ve been disappointed so many times as we accumulate years on this world. For better or worse, we lose it. I’d prefer to have it as I grow, however. I definitely live life happier knowing that I can trust my circle.

Day 27: The Friendliest Person I Knew For a Day

Oh man, another late post, bleehhh. In my defense, I have been out a lot this weekend.

Way back when, there was this one girl named June who I played with in the park. She was really nice, almost to the point that I think we sparked some elementary school playground romance. She might have even taken my hand. I barely remember her, but as far as one-time shots go for friendly strangers, her name still comes up, much to my surprise.

As an honorable mention, there was this little Asian lady who had to be the most adorable thing I’ve ever met. I met her on the bus today, actually. She asked me if she was supposed to get off at this one stop and I said yes. She gave me a smile and thank you that made me melt so much. Like, you can’t do that to me, I’m supposed to be hardcore, not meltable by some Asian lady half my height. Oh man.

Day 26: The Person I Last Made a Pinky Promise to

Pinky promises are serious, you don’t break those. That’s why it’s awkward when I realize that I don’t even remember what my last one was about. I’m pretty sure that I made it to Luci, this chick from Chile, but I forget what it was about. I guess to remember her? Yeah, I have enough reasons to remember her, huehuehue. She was a piece of work. She’s nice though, I hope she’s having fun back in Chile.

Lesson: don’t forget next pinky promise. Otherwise, accumulate massive negative karma.