Back From the Pseudo-Break

I’ve been away from the interwebz for a little bit until today. It was a nice break, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it a break. It was quite busy with the choir tour and everything. I wrote a little rant last night/morning since I couldn’t sleep on the bus ride back. I’ll post it up shortly. It’ll male a fat post, so it should more than make up for my recent absence. I’m so tired, hehe. And my biological rhythms are eeewwww. 


What The Hell Are You, Michelin Man?

I don’t get what the Michelin Man is. Is he an alien or a mutant, to show that Michelin’s tire technology is superior? A bodybuilder to demonstrate the rubber’s hardiness? Is he a cloud to represent how heavenly it is to ride in a car with Michelin tires? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU MICHELIN MAN!?!?!?