A Little More Praise For My Keyboard And Whether Or Not I’m Still An Athlete

This thing is called a “gaming keyboard,” and it really does feel good while gaming, but honestly, all keyboards were meant to be typed on. And typing on the K70 is probably the nicest experience I’ve had with a computer. Feels more intimate for some reason. Probably because I get so much tactile feedback in return. Oh yes, did I mention the clacking? Hehe.

So yes, blogging, let’s do this. By the way if you blog on the daily, look into getting a mechanical keyboard and look into the different types of switches (Lifehacker has a nice article, I recommend starting there).

Anyway, so I guess I’ll talk about my life.

I’ve started working out again. I’ve just been doing some running around school and lifting weights for leg strength. I got frustrated this Thursday though because I found out that I couldn’t use the squat bar with my messed up ulnar collateral ligament. I was so sad. I was waiting for a while to be able to use the squat rack but they were taken the last few days before. I got all pumped up to use it that time, and my elbow says, “lol nope get outta here bro,” so I had to do squats while holding dumbbells instead. Those aren’t the same though. However, I got a nice suggestion to try front squats to circumvent this problem. Not sure when and how I’m going to learn how to front squat though… and that lift looks like it needs serious flexibility, so the learning curve might be a little ridonk, I’m not sure.

But there you are, the frustrations of an athlete.

Am I even an athlete anymore? Hehe, I’m not even doing a sport right now. I guess if I work out enough I’ll be considered “athletic,” at the very least. But being an athlete is so much more than that. Being an athlete’s not just about working out, it’s about competing too. My main competition is myself right now… I suppose I am still an athlete after all.

What do you think? What defines an athlete for you?



OH SHIT. SHIT. YES. My mechanical keyboard has just arrived. It’s pretty different typing on this… finding the keys is a bit of an adjustment. I’m making a lot more typos right now… it”s all just a different feel. The keys are a bit closer together than they were on my membrane keyboard, which I’m still keeping around for emergencies and whatever. But seriously, this is so nice. If I have to work on a paper over at my mom’s house, I’ll probably bring it over there so I can actually type on it. The membrane keyboard on her laptop sucks anyway (sorry Mom). You can hardly press down on its keys without thinking you’ll absolutely destroy them.

This thing. This thing is a tank. Oh my God. The response is just amazing. And the clicks. Oh yes, the clicks. It’s like when I type, all of my typing actually has a real life impact, it’s ridiculous. I’m so glad I spent this money. Corsair K70 Vengeance, you and I are together forever. ❤

This is so great. Just writing. I want to write so much now. Oh yes. It feels like my WPM is off the charts right now.

I’ve been getting back into exercise again. I realized how much I needed it after I noticed how much better I’d feel after working out during lunch. Sometimes I build up a bad mood from sitting around in class all day and then start feeling, not a desire, but an actual need to work out. I don’t know why it happens because I certainly don’t build up a bad mood if I sit all day at my house. I think it’s because during school, my thought process overall is different. It’s less relaxed, more prone to absorbing drama, I suppose I could say.

Though for now, at this moment, my typing has sped by my thoughts and left them behind. I’ll come by again when I have something more to say. Have a nice day everyone. 🙂


When It Ends

I’ve competed as a wrestler for around seven years of my life. It feels like all of my life. The mats are familiar, they are my element. It’s been a pleasure to grace them. But as of now, I have to say goodbye to that stage of life. As a competitive wrestler, I don’t see any future. Too few colleges around here that have wrestling programs while offering top-notch academics at the same time. School comes first now.


My last four year years as a wrestler, I never really had an opportunity to show what I’m made of. Adversity held me off the mats for quite a while. But I kept coming back. I never let it hold me. The thrill of the chase… that’s what I wanted to feel in the end.

Victory wasn’t defined by the points on the scoreboard for me at the end. It was about the act of wrestling, about the act of doing what I loved. That’s what mattered to me.

When I took second in the league, even with a torn ligament and wrestling opponents with a significant weight advantage over me, I qualified for the sectionals tournament. My elbow has gotten worse though and I decided that enough was enough. Besides, I intend to heal as soon as possible so I can work out again. We have a rising star among our ranks. From what I’ve seen in the practice room, I’m the only one who can push him. If my potential is not to be seen through my competitive career, it shall be seen through whatever coaching I can do.

I’ve always wanted to see my team as a powerhouse, as a big name. Maybe now, after my previous dream ended, I can begin another one. Maybe I can realize our team’s power.

Combat Lust and Angst

Today we had our final league meet. We lost, but the team made a statement. It just came down to the other team having more guys than we did, so they filled in more weight classes to collect the forfeit points. Oh well. We definitely handed it to them though when we did have matches against the other team. It was awesome. The team has such young talent… they will all grow to insane heights, I’m excited for them, truly.

I can not dwell on their possibilities though.

My own possibilities are my priority.

Sitting on the side watching the team wrestle like that… it was so thrilling. But having to sit there stirred up some of my bloodthirst as well. My combat lust has shot through the roof. I give my elbow dirty looks now and then. It’s not to blame… I still can’t believe that I invested a ligament into a guy who ended up quitting on the team when three weeks were left in the season. That ass, he said that he wanted to focus on baseball. Screw you dude, I invested an elbow ligament into improving you as a wrestler, and this is how you repay me? Good job for focusing on proving yourself to be a dumbass. It’s not like you didn’t know what you were signing up for.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post brief, for I don’t want to pound on my elbow too much… it’s crazy how we use it for EVERYTHING we do. I needed to blow some steam off though. I tend to get heated the most just before bed because that’s when I lay down and it’s all quiet and my mind can carry me away to things that piss me off.

Now… I will dream of the day when I can find absolution through my art. I dream of the day when I can prowl the resilite again.