Back From the Pseudo-Break

I’ve been away from the interwebz for a little bit until today. It was a nice break, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it a break. It was quite busy with the choir tour and everything. I wrote a little rant last night/morning since I couldn’t sleep on the bus ride back. I’ll post it up shortly. It’ll male a fat post, so it should more than make up for my recent absence. I’m so tired, hehe. And my biological rhythms are eeewwww. 


Chinese Economy Project and The Mile I Will Beat

Right now I’m in that awkward limbo of waiting until dinner is done so I can start on my homework again… I’m so unproductive when I’m hungry. I’m gonna be so boned if we ever go into a famine. 

Lately I’ve been reading about China’s economy and the issues it faces for an economics project. One of the problems is that the population is going to be old as butt in the middle of this century, which is a problem because it means that younger workers have to start carrying the elderly’s weight within the economical system. It’s funny, the kind of dilemma this presents: if we have less children, we help out in keeping the population stable but risk the population’s transformation into an older demographic, but if we have a lot more children to counterbalance this, then we have the problem of providing for more people on this planet. So somehow, China has to provide a way for keeping older people in the work force, according to my research. 

Well, good luck with that China. I have no idea how you’re going to do that. I believe though.

In other news, I have decided that I will beat my 8th grade mile PR before I graduate this year. It is a worthy goal… it’s been a while since I’ve consistently ran 5:40 miles. But 5:39, that’s the number to beat. 5:30 is a nice round number to aim for. I’ll have to get pretty conditioned for it. I plan on strengthening my legs with lifting weights and uphill running. Leg strength I’ve noticed, is really important, particularly in the last leg of a race. It’s crazy. I’ll also have to practice running strategy as well. Currently I’ve been working out during lunch, with a warm-up mile and then a workout mile. I just added another lap to the main workout meal today… so after another week I’ll probably throw in another lap. I’m also going to mix it up with some sprints. 

This is going to be fun. 🙂

When It Ends

I’ve competed as a wrestler for around seven years of my life. It feels like all of my life. The mats are familiar, they are my element. It’s been a pleasure to grace them. But as of now, I have to say goodbye to that stage of life. As a competitive wrestler, I don’t see any future. Too few colleges around here that have wrestling programs while offering top-notch academics at the same time. School comes first now.


My last four year years as a wrestler, I never really had an opportunity to show what I’m made of. Adversity held me off the mats for quite a while. But I kept coming back. I never let it hold me. The thrill of the chase… that’s what I wanted to feel in the end.

Victory wasn’t defined by the points on the scoreboard for me at the end. It was about the act of wrestling, about the act of doing what I loved. That’s what mattered to me.

When I took second in the league, even with a torn ligament and wrestling opponents with a significant weight advantage over me, I qualified for the sectionals tournament. My elbow has gotten worse though and I decided that enough was enough. Besides, I intend to heal as soon as possible so I can work out again. We have a rising star among our ranks. From what I’ve seen in the practice room, I’m the only one who can push him. If my potential is not to be seen through my competitive career, it shall be seen through whatever coaching I can do.

I’ve always wanted to see my team as a powerhouse, as a big name. Maybe now, after my previous dream ended, I can begin another one. Maybe I can realize our team’s power.

A Blog Post (After a Freakin’ Eternity)

Wow, this is totally unacceptable.

I haven’t posted in months. What happened? Sheesh. Well, life’s been a feels storm. I don’t necessarily want to share the details about that. In a nutshell: I’ve had a falling out with someone who was close and well, don’t really know what else is going to happen after that. Probably nothing. Who knows. But it’s the least of my worries right now.

School’s hell week is almost here with finals. That’s right. We’re among the poor bastards who have finals AFTER the winter break. We don’t do it smart like college, where finals are before vacay and you don’t have to worry about them afterwards. Now that’s totally cool. I thought high school was supposed to prepare us for the college life, huh? Well, really, it doesn’t.

To be honest I hate college as an institution (I just feel like so many things have went wrong with the way we handle our post-secondary education in this society), but as an experience, it seems like it could be a lot of fun. Of course, the institution can affect your experience by a fair amount, but the opportunities… I sense that they are there and that I can have them if I want to. I think that I’ll be able to take some risks when college comes around.

Oh, applications you say? Well, I saved myself the torture of those things because I want to do the community-college-then-transfer route. Applications I suppose, are things that I have to worry about the sophomore year of college. To be honest I don’t know how much more different it is if I’m a transferring college student. Hehe. That’ll be interesting.

Well I have some blogger friends that are finally getting back into things and they’ve been urging me to post something up. Totally fine, I could use some more writing for myself… it’s a skill that I think is important to sharpen. Well guys, here’s your damn post.

I apologize to my other readers who actually like reading my writing… I know that it’s been a long time. I’ll try to become a regular poster again. I’ll just mind dump my thoughts like I’m doing now. It feels pretty awesome right now. Anyways, TTFN!

Why I Haven’t Been Posting Lately

I’ve been stressed over one of my closest friends… I’ll disclose more deets when I’m ready. But the situation hasn’t been developing well. This takes a lot out of me as a writer. I’ve been chewed up by this for a while now. Not to mention that I’ve been busy with other things… along with procrastination.

There you have it. I’ll get some readable material up soon though. I miss writing.

Friends Aren’t Replaceable

My friends are NOT dispensable, replaceable commodities. I can’t just pick one off the shelf of some Friends R Us store and say to myself, “Gee, I think this one can understand me pretty well, I think I’ll get this one.” I can’t take one to a store clerk and ask if the friend comes with a lifetime warranty. Because they are NOT dispensable, replaceable commodities.

Perhaps friendship ROLES are replaceable, because those can be dynamic and aren’t always static. But FRIENDS aren’t replaceable. The way they fill those roles, the things they’ve done for you… that can’t be replaced.

The Weirdest Superpower

Every body wants a super power. You know what I’d want? I think the most gratifying power would be this: a lightning bolt that comes from my middle finger to cause my target to combust. It’s one of those fantasies that I’d always have: in a bout of frustration, I’d flip the bird and then my offender goes all Human Torch in front of my face.

It’s either that one or the more conventional invisibility. Being able to cloak oneself is so practical, it’s just hard to think of anything else that can be so exciting and powerful. I wouldn’t be a badass that can flip cars with a bicep curl with just the ability to cloak, but I mean, I don’t need to do that crap if I was in a tight spot. Can you imagine how hard it would be to fight someone who’s invisible? I bet only Shaolin monks can do that well because they can do pretty much anything with their minds. But seriously, even if you heard or smelled where I was, you couldn’t tell if I was throwing a punch at you unless you had some serious badass training.

In a street fight, invisibility would be pretty awesome to have. But, flipping the combustive bird would be even more awesome, wouldn’t it? Imagine doing that to an entire group of people, just spinning around in a circle and waving the middle finger, watching people just explode into flames. It’s oddly sadistic I have to admit, but be honest with yourself: if someone deserved the bird from you, I’m sure you’d have some sadistic urge that you’d like to satisfy on that person.

Well, what would be your weird superpower? Feel free to comment!