The most difficult phase in life is not when no one understands you; It’s when you don’t understand yourself

This is adolescence in a nutshell.


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You don’t need religion to have morals…

I agreed with this on a philosophical viewpoint beforehand, but it’s really mind-blowing for me that there’s solid scientific evidence for it.


Religion MoralsFrom Global Awakening

“Perhaps it is just me, but I’d be wary of anyone whose belief system is the only thing standing between them and repulsive behavior. Why not assume that our humanity, including the self-control needed for a livable society, is built into us? Does anyone truly believe that our ancestors lacked rules of right and wrong before they had religion? Did they never assist others in need, or complain about an unfair deal?

Human morality must be quite a bit older than religion and civilization. It may, in fact, be older than humanity itself. Other primates live in highly structured social groups in which rules and inhibitions apply and mutual aid is a daily occurrence. Acts of genuine kindness do occur in animals as they do in humans. Altruistic behavior serves a cooperative group life, which benefits the actors of such behavior, yet the behavior is fueled by…

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But what is it that I want?

Just a Freshly Pressed poem that I wanted to remember.

also also

Ever torn between
my age in numbers
and how I feel

that I should slow
down not measure
my minutes for their

We’re younger than
we’ve ever been
before and for
so much longer.

That my mother,
my father had to
commit to life
together houses
together dogs
cats children
jobs – well did
it make them
stronger I wonder?

We’re younger than
we’ve ever been
before and for
so much longer.

To commit to
anything seems
too limiting
and we’re the ones
who say no to sacrifice

because we eat, drink,
be merry like we
deserve any of it.

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