I’m a decent guy who sometimes gets filled with various feels. Sometimes life is a tempest that I have to deal with. All I know though is that I’ll probably write up a storm about life then as my own retaliation.

Feel free to add some feedback and follow me! Reblogging is always welcome. I lahv you all.


10 comments on “About

  1. I know what you mean, writing is a great outlet for anything in your head.

  2. Freedomborn says:

    Hi obstructedbynone thank you for your love, is that a feel or a retaliation, real Love without strings is a powerful force, it’s good is for others, yet we are also bleesed.

    Thanks for your affirmation on my comment on Joh Blog … I lahv you 🙂

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Haha, why thank you, this makes my lazy day a bit better! What are the questions I have to answer now? 🙂

      • Give 11 random facts about yourself and

        Answer the following questions:

        1 ) How do you eat an Oreo Cookie?

        2) Your down in the dumps , what is your go to song/band/artist for elevation?

        3) What motivated you to blog?

        4) Your alone and in a good mood. Do you , whistle, hum or sing? Any particular tune?

        5) Of any skill you currently do not have , what one would you like pick up and cultivate.

        6) Where do you ponder life, liberty and your navel : 1) At the ocean , 2) In the mountains, 3) Down by the river, or 4) A field with no natural features.

  3. Cool! And how many bloggers do I nominate now?

  4. Thanks for following, Obstructed! We’re looking forward to checking out your work!

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