The Weirdest Superpower

Every body wants a super power. You know what I’d want? I think the most gratifying power would be this: a lightning bolt that comes from my middle finger to cause my target to combust. It’s one of those fantasies that I’d always have: in a bout of frustration, I’d flip the bird and then my offender goes all Human Torch in front of my face.

It’s either that one or the more conventional invisibility. Being able to cloak oneself is so practical, it’s just hard to think of anything else that can be so exciting and powerful. I wouldn’t be a badass that can flip cars with a bicep curl with just the ability to cloak, but I mean, I don’t need to do that crap if I was in a tight spot. Can you imagine how hard it would be to fight someone who’s invisible? I bet only Shaolin monks can do that well because they can do pretty much anything with their minds. But seriously, even if you heard or smelled where I was, you couldn’t tell if I was throwing a punch at you unless you had some serious badass training.

In a street fight, invisibility would be pretty awesome to have. But, flipping the combustive bird would be even more awesome, wouldn’t it? Imagine doing that to an entire group of people, just spinning around in a circle and waving the middle finger, watching people just explode into flames. It’s oddly sadistic I have to admit, but be honest with yourself: if someone deserved the bird from you, I’m sure you’d have some sadistic urge that you’d like to satisfy on that person.

Well, what would be your weird superpower? Feel free to comment!


One comment on “The Weirdest Superpower

  1. valkyrieh says:

    Haha This is great. I guess I am conventional. I want to be invisible or be able to fly. Fly AWAY. All my fantasies involve escape. I just want to escape.

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