An Awkward and Late Blog Post

Wow. I feel really awkward for having took so long to post. There are several factors, but procrastination’s the main part of it, at least for the last two weeks. The last two days, however, have been an odd balance of average-ness and surreality. It’s average in that I once more have a structure around my life with the start of school. It’s a familiar routine to have to get up and go to class. Surreality marked the past few days, as I walk down the halls thinking, “Wow, so this is my final year.”

There are other weird things that have come up lately as well and I wish to discuss them in separate, future posts. Thanks for having kept up with me so far, even as my blog has hibernated for the past few weeks. 🙂 I won’t get lazy again any time soon, I promise.


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