The Virginity Conspiracy

This is simultaneously humorous and disturbing. I’ve been getting lots of pressure recently from a couple of friends to score with chicks. They think that the first time should be gotten over with swiftly. I have a few problems with this: 1) I don’t understand the rush at all and 2) I’m not the kind of person who can just get into bed with a chick. I desire romance, a concept that these two don’t seem to understand.

This pressure by itself I consider normal, especially if it’s only brought up once. However, this was brought up several times already. Annoyed and confused, I’d ask them, “What do you have to gain from this?” They then claim that I’m suffering without realizing it and that bros always look out for each other. They say that I need vagina pretty much now.

Uh, what?

Then this went too far.

Last Monday night, one of my best friends said that these same two friends were talking about getting me drunk to sleep with a chick while he was with them. He said he tried defending me, but they insisted that they could do it very easily, as I’m apparently really gullible.

My butthurt was beyond words.

I have various problems with this situation. In fact, the benefit of the doubt that I’ve been giving them so far has been reduced to such a miniscule amount that I’m somewhat uncomfortable around them. While I do have my gullible moments, I’m sure that most of them stem from the fact that I trust all of my friends. I’m like my mom in this regard; I hand out trust easily, but once violated… good luck getting it back. I’d understand if they joked around, if they said that I’d only sleep with a chick if I was drunk out of my mind, but apparently they were serious about it. I trust my source.

For now, my guard is up. I won’t do anything unless absolutely certain that that is their intention. If they are serious about it and will actually attempt to carry this out, I’m afraid I will have to cut some ties. If this happens, it will be an intolerably severe violation of trust. And most likely I won’t ever give it back. I’ll be cautious; I won’t accept any offers of food or drink from them.

I really wish that it was a tasteless joke. I honestly do. I’m allergic to this bullshit.


An Awkward and Late Blog Post

Wow. I feel really awkward for having took so long to post. There are several factors, but procrastination’s the main part of it, at least for the last two weeks. The last two days, however, have been an odd balance of average-ness and surreality. It’s average in that I once more have a structure around my life with the start of school. It’s a familiar routine to have to get up and go to class. Surreality marked the past few days, as I walk down the halls thinking, “Wow, so this is my final year.”

There are other weird things that have come up lately as well and I wish to discuss them in separate, future posts. Thanks for having kept up with me so far, even as my blog has hibernated for the past few weeks. 🙂 I won’t get lazy again any time soon, I promise.

Day 30 (FINALLY) : My Reflection in the Mirror

Sorry for the uber super late post. I procrastinated really hard. I actually liked this blog challenge, despite some shortcomings in a few of the prompts. It was a new way to stretch me out as a writer. I also like the idea of me ending this challenge on a Sunday.

A reflection in the mirror. In a literal sense I’m just a slightly sunburned white teen with a slim and fit appearance. Clothes are usually just T-shirt and jeans, no need for me to go more. Beyond physical appearance, I can see myself as a person with a good life. Nothing too extraordinary in terms of hardships or accomplishments, but I have my reasons to be glad and not sad about what I have.

Introspection is harder than seeing from the outside. I know myself and I don’t. Others will notice things about me that I don’t. An outside perspective can reveal a lot of things, but it will never reveal what’s inside another person’s heart. Only I will know what’s really inside my heart, even if I tell another person about how I feel.

A mirror is the main place for introspection. You can look yourself in the eyes and know who you are. You get to have that outside perspective for yourself. I often look at myself and know how far I’ve came. Sometimes I still think about the seventh grader that couldn’t do a pull up. Now I can row 210 pounds on the machine five times in a set.

What do you see in the mirror?