Day 21: Someone I Judged by Their First Impression

Human beings always judge by their first impressions. Through personal experience, they have a fifty-fifty chance of being correct.

Just today I was in the theatre with my mom and brother, ready to watch Pacific Rim (excellent movie, by the way, go watch it now), and this guy spilled popcorn as his woman was giving him some. I immediately labeled him as the “Popcorn Savage,” even though he didn’t actually commit any savagery in front of me, by any stretch of the imagination. However, it was an amusing label, so I kept it.

The convenience of keeping a label given to an individual was demonstrated humorously in this case, but in our society, we keep them for better or worse… although, for the purpose of self-entertainment, I believe that labeling is okay. Go ahead and look at some zombie in the grocery store next time. Come up with a nickname. Smile to yourself. Then move on. It might just add to your quality of life, for all you know.


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