Day 19: Someone That Pesters My Mind

Haha, looks like I’m double posting for this again. I’ve been out all day yesterday, I had a lot of fun!

Well, chicks in general tend to be on my mind a lot. I wonder if it’s because they often share their feelings and problems and guys don’t, really. Seriously though, if a guy’s sharing their problems with you, don’t take it lightly. He’s giving up his pride, hehe. Girls are kind’ve the same, but not really. I mean, don’t take anybody’s problems lightly, but just appreciate the fact that a guy is sharing his life with you.

Fun fact: guys can go years without really knowing anything about each other, but still be really close friends.

So is there one person that’s on my mind a lot? Yeah… but I don’t feel like having to make another protected blog post though (I share links sometimes with friends), so I won’t talk about any one person. I think the main content of this post is in the second paragraph, hahaha. XD


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