Day 15: Someone I Miss the Most

There were a couple times when I was homesick when I was over at Pennsylvania and Maryland last week. I’d check my phone and eagerly await a text that was never sent to me. The lady friends that I was texting might leave me hanging for a couple of days. I might call my parents but they wouldn’t answer. I’d half-jokingly mutter to myself, “Fuck Californians.” There was a point when I did get a bit butthurt, but I got over it quickly.

The east is great and I’m glad I got shipped over there. There was so much green, compared to all of the greys of the Bay Area. The Bay Area’s urban beauty and homeliness have their own qualities of glamor, but I consider Pennsylvania and Maryland to be a writer’s haven. If you go out and look at new nature, a fresh setting, then you find your mind cleaned up a little bit for some inspiration.

Well I didn’t really answer this prompt. Well, I missed all of my Californians, deal with it.


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