Day 9: Someone I’d Like to Meet

Wade Schalles, a wrestler renowned for his pinning techniques and competitive mentality. Actually, the person I’d like to meet is Wade Schalles’ former high school wrestling coach, who proved to be instrumental in shaping Schalles up to be a phenomenal wrestler.

“As a junior in high school, I was going to face a wrestler who was a state runner-up and had already beaten me, and I was very apprehensive. It was working on me, and my coach knew it. We were riding in a car, and he got tired of my whining.”

“He grabbed the rearview mirror and pulled it right off the window and threw it in the back seat… He shouted at me, ‘Why did I do that? To show you that the rearview mirror only shows what is behind you, in the past. It’s not near as big as the windshield, which you need to see where you are going. That’s much more important than where you’ve been. Forget about that loss. It’s in the past. You’re going to beat him this time.’

“And guess what? I did beat that kid. In fact, I pinned him.” – Wade Schalles.


I believe that anybody who can devise such a metaphor and change somebody’s life with it is worth meeting. This has to be the best wrestling story I’ve ever read. You don’t even have to be a wrestler to understand its lesson. Not to mention that a coach lost his cool in a legendary manner.

So tell me, after reading that story, are you the one gazing painfully at the rearview mirror or are you the one forging ahead through the windshield?


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