Day 8: Favorite Internet Friend

Sorry about the late post, guys. Like I said before, I’m in Pennsylvania right now so I don’t have as much computer access as usual. Which is actually kind of nice. Anyway. 

I have three internet friends: Jenna, Sophia, and Janie. Sophia’s the only one I can meet in person if I wanted to; Jenna is in Taiwan and Janie is in Chicago. However, despite her being in another state, Janie’s my favorite. She is funny… and cute, too. Too bad she doesn’t live here in California. My first impression of her, made from her profile picture, was literally, “Got dayum,” 

Janie says some interesting things. Things like, “I had my mom watch Human Centipede today. She threw up twice. Totally worth it.” With this kind of humor, you might expect her to be some emo girl who listens to heavy metal, but nay. The girl listens to electro and country. I don’t know about you, but I find her taste in country to be contradictory to her dark humor. 

One of her odd abilities though is being able to take selfies and have each picture make her look like a radically different chick. I don’t know if it’s her face reflecting magic or if she’s doing it on purpose or she has different cameras for like, different moods, or what. 

I think her best quality is how good of a friend she is to Sophia, who she’s best friends with. Sophia got caught up in some serious, icky, and iffy drama recently and Janie said to me about it, “I will get a plane ticket to California. I’m serious.” Messages over Facebook are inferior in that they’re unable to convey the tones of spoken words, but by God I felt her conviction and I believed her. 

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