Day 5: Dreams

Three words to describe my dreams recently: disturbed, confused, and… sick. Sometimes I watch B movie horror films and wonder how the directors come up with some of the stuff that’s in them. After considering some of my recent dreams though, I’m no longer surprised that human beings can come up with odd, ugly, and explicit content on a daily basis.

Last night I slept restlessly, waking up often. In one dream I had though, I posed as a sex slave for this old greaseball in order to assassinate him… dear God, I will leave it at that. In another one I was seeing two guys ride two steam trains that constantly expressed the inner doubts of their passengers by openly contradicting every statement that the passenger would make. It was some screwed up Thomas the Tank Engine shizzle. And yet another one I messed up real bad in school for my AP Lit class that I’ll be taking this year. *Shivers*

I bet some of you Freudians can analyze my dreams and break my psyche down. Dreams really are interesting, but occasionally they remind me of the muck that the human mind can contain. I know that there are people who think that dreams are the glimpses into another world or whatever. There really are all sorts of crazy theories and speculations. Feel free to sound off in the comments about your dreams and what you think of them!

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