Day 4: My Sibling/Closest Relative

Well my blog buddy Daisy is doing another post because she wants to make the post numbers match up with the date. Because, you know, it’s the 4th of July. I guess that’s cool right? So I’ll do the same.

I have two half-siblings, but I’ll talk about my closest one Danny. Danny’s a very loving kid, but his temper is wild and his patience is thin. He’s somewhat precocious, acting like a teenager sometimes. I deny my own influence over him in this regard, but I suppose it could happen. There are those awkward moments though when he talks of certain taboos and my mom looks over at me like, “Did you teach him that?”

I can only shrug my shoulders and reply, “No.”

The kid has an insatiable appetite for Minecraft, playing it all day every day. How unfortunate that he’s in that direction. I’d rather him experience life more fully at such a young age, something that I didn’t take upon myself. However, he does read books. His favorite series is “Warriors,” books about warrior clans of household cats in the wild that fight each other and whatnot. I wonder if he treats them as mementos of our old cat Spice, who passed away last year.

The age gap between him and me has separated us immensely… it was only until a few years ago that we started relating with each other better, although tt will be several years yet that we can really share with each other – our fancies, interests, and heartaches – things that brothers normally talk about, I guess. For now, I wait.

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