Day 3: Parents

I really do have a nice set of parents. My mom has taught me accept things calmly and to think critically, to weigh both sides of the story. My dad has taught me to have persistence in my beliefs and goals and has always emphasized the importance of having a direction in my life. Somewhat of a shame that they have to be divorced.

When I was about three years old, I started to live in two separate houses. When it comes to divorce, I was one of the lucky ones: I never had to choose one parent over the other like how so many other parents do. My parents made a compromise in allowing me to see both of them. I am grateful for this fact, as I know other kids who had to make the choice of one parent over the other. However, having to bounce between their houses nearly every day has – I just realized – made me unable to imagine life with one home. On the other hand, I often have to plan out in advance what I need throughout the day as I wake up 6 AM to go over to my dad’s. I know most other kids don’t often have to do that.

My dad once noted that there are scholarships of all kinds for students (ones so niche and obscure that you might not think to look for them), so I half-jokingly searched for scholarships for kids with divorced parents. Unfortunately, those scholarships are only claimable by adults who had to interrupt their education in order to deal with the divorce process.

My only memory of the two being together was when I got a toy electric train. I only have a faint fuzzy picture in my mind in a third person perspective because I’ve seen the video of the event a couple times before. But I remember my mom being dressed as if she just got back from work. And my dad was filming with the camera. Being a little kid, I was glad that I got a little red train.

My dad’s relationship with my peers has been love/hate… on the part of my peers. In elementary school, he volunteered as a yard supervisor, and as one of the supervisors who actually dealt justice, he became a figure that was not appreciated by any of the kids. Throughout middle school and high school, he has somewhat of the same reputation as a volunteer wrestling coach, though I never got nearly the same amount of crap for it as I did in elementary school.

After all of those years of my peers disliking him, I was somewhat amazed after they finally did come around after he performed for my choir class. He improvised like I’ve never seen before on the piano. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play in that zone before. A few kids came up to me to say how much of an OG my dad was after that performance. I do think that was a special day.

My mom’s a writer too; probably where I got that knack from too, hehe. I want to be like her someday though. I fairly recently converted her to WordPress and zip zap doo wap, she gained nearly 200 followers within two weeks of joining. Both of us kinda looked at each other like, “What?” My mom has more personality than I do when it comes to blogging though and hopefully I’ll match her someday. Haha, a mother-son team of writers. 🙂

So that’s my mind dump of my parents… there are of course a lot more things to say, but that could be said for anyone else who’s been around for your entire life, wouldn’t you think? And today I just realized that my WordPress account has an awkward mismatch of time zones… like today it says the 5th, but that’s not the case over here and it makes me feel bad because it’s like I’m missing my challenge but I’m not… anyway, Happy 4th of July everybody!

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