Day 1: My Best Friend

I’m supposed to write about one best friend, but I just find that impossible to do, so I’ll write about the absolute closest buds that I have. This will be interesting… my best friend population is three quarters chicks. Anyway…

My best bro Joe is a musical genius. He also likes programming independently, designing games and the like. Both of those skills incorporate well into his dream of being a great video game designer and owner of an independent video game company.

He is blunt; you will always know of his opinion on you and what you do. If he dislikes you, he will make sure you know. We’ve been friends since middle school, but it was only until high school that we became real close. At first he was one of those friends that I looked at with fascination, treating the friendship as more of a social experiment. As time went on, fascination evolved into admiration, and now I genuinely care about his well-being.

One of my best friends Niajah, happens to be Joe’s little sister. However, relations between those two are complicated. Put simply, they aren’t very close. I ended up “adopting” Niajah as a surrogate little sister however, and we’ve become close, being able to share our romantic fancies, being silly together, and having fun.

Little Nini is a good little girl. She’s really kind, but doesn’t think of herself very highly. But she’s smart and gets good grades (with the exclusion of this past semester, however, the circumstances that she has been in and currently is in are complicated) and is very pretty. She doesn’t think that though because she hates how big her butt is. This might seem comical at first, but it’s understandable when you consider how many guys come up to her wanting to arrange a friends with benefits relationship because of her bottom. I told her once that she’ll know that a guy is the right one if he loves her brown eyes.

Crazy Daisy, my Taiwanese friend. We actually had a rough start together. Within a short time of meeting her, I started liking her for her friendliness and open nature. Thoroughly creeped out, she refused to talk to me for months, even when we had two classes together in school. However, after seeing each other every day throughout the school year, she softened up and we became friends and she got over the fact that I had a thing for her.

She loves Taiwanese drama because it reminds her of her home. I watch Taiwanese drama not only by her request, but because I want to see if I can understand her love for the country better. She fangirls over Vanness Wu and Kingone, two Taiwanese celebrities. As of now, I fanboy over Tammy Chen because of her skills as an actress in the drama “Love Forward.” I often joke about her having 2 gigs of Kingone pictures on her iTouch. Today I often find it surprising that we’ve become so close after that rocky start though. I guess second chances really are worth it sometimes.

And finally, Lauren. I adore her to no end and so does every one else. She’s funny, she’s kind, she can do almost anything, it seems. We’ve become really tight over the school year and through each other, we discovered that we mean something in this world. It really is hard to put into words. Niajah said once, “I envy your guys’ bond.”

I ask, “What, a basic friendship?”

“No, a BEAUTIFUL friendship.”

I guess I really can sum it up as that.

I love these four people very much, to the point that I’d hate myself if I let any of them drift away from me. I’d really like to be friends with them the rest of my life.


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