“He Deserves to be Cocky”

I was scouring my Facebook newsfeed to come upon something that made me think. One Facebook acquaintance observed that he didn’t recall LeBron James ever being really cocky. His mind was blown by a video of LeBron James asking the camera, “Can you find my kid?” which then cuts to a shot of his MVP trophy. LeBron then picks up the trophy saying, “There you are, don’t you ever run away from me again,” kissing the trophy.

Quite honestly, I find the video more humorous than cocky. It’s not even trash talk; LeBron’s just having fun with his award, which might end up collecting dust otherwise. However, many people say that this is cocky. In LeBron’s defense, a lot of people say he deserves to be cocky. I just want to analyze this for a second.

It would make sense if “proud” was used in this context because quite frankly, LeBron James has every right to be proud of his recent accomplishment of earning two MVP awards back-to-back. However, “cocky” is an interesting word. Saying that LeBron “deserves to be cocky” is saying that he can afford to be overconfident. Overconfidence in a sport that’s inarguably all about the mental game and finesse is a weakness. To me it seems like people are saying he can deserve to be in a vulnerable mindset.

I’ve done some homework on LeBron (because I don’t know an extensive amount about B-ball). Apparently there was a phase in which he changed his mindset as a result of the media’s negative portrayal of him and he thus played differently and suffered in his performance. It is thus reasonable to assume that if he allows his fans’ saying that “he deserves to be cocky” get to his head, his mindset will change into a weaker form again.

Again, LeBron being proud? Sure, let him be proud, he deserves it. LeBron being cocky? As long as he backs it up I suppose. Otherwise he’s going to fall hard.


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