Going “Zen Mode”

My weekend’s a ritual: after the five weekdays, I’m usually pretty much done with all and undergo a mental lobotomy. I spend way too much time on the screen as a way of purging everything. Sometimes I question this habit, as I could be learning something more by breaking up the calmness of “the purge.” Today was different though. I was doing the same just a couple of hours ago, playing Batman Arkham Asylum and trying to beat my high score in this one survival challenge.

The first hour and a half or so, I might make sarcastic remarks as a result of my incredulity of certain occurrences like my combos being interrupted by a glitch or such. I never got too worked up, but I was emotionally involved nonetheless. I wanted to move up a little bit more in the leaderboard, after having gone up to 207th place fairly recently. But in the last fifteen minutes, I let go. I didn’t care anymore and just let things flow without judging them at all.

I first learned the “letting things flow” concept from going to a couple of gentle yoga classes, but I never actually applied it outside of the yoga room. After having done this, I actually ended up getting my best score of the day and was enjoying it way more after I withdrew any judgments of programming stupidity I might’ve encountered. I wasn’t even able to be slightly ticked off anymore at that point. I just laughed at the unfairness that might  occur as I might try to punch some thug in the face, but then some glitch causes me to pull the punch.

I still didn’t beat my previous high score, but that was hardly the point. This mental state was exciting to be in, this “Zen Mode.” I could only imagine if I applied it to so many other things. If I could be lighter with my judgments, I can maintain relaxation and enjoy what I do more. Tomorrow’s a new week. It should be a good time to start practicing.


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