Loose and Unabridged Commentary #2

So yesterday I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to forget a commitment, so I drew a room number on my left palm. I forgot it anyway. Note to self: the palm of the hand does not work, but the back of the hand should, as it’s more visible.

One time I decided to make a couple name out of two of my lady friends. I added Christine and Daisy together to get Chraisy. Har har har.

My mama’s such a great writer, I want to be like her someday. It’s not even about being grammatically correct anymore; I’ve learned that writing is about a lot more. I admire my mom’s writing because it puts in so much emotion, even when she’s doing a lazier, calmer rant. She’s awesome when she’s angry though, because it’s like her humor gets magnified by her fury. Being a writer is a lot more about the conviction and strength that you can present to your reader. I believe that that’s why you can have quite a few writers who know English as a second language that have really large blog followings.

I think that being bald is actually pretty cool. Well, I’m too young to be bald, if there is such a thing as being too young for male-patterned baldness, but I’m enamored with the idea. It just seems that so many badasses are bald. I can name Agent 47 and Kratos. I also think of this one swimmer that I saw while watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics on Youtube, who was bald and didn’t wear a swim cap. Totally sweet. “I’m so hydrodynamic, I don’t need a swim cap.”

Doing writing exercises is pretty fun. Just writing a bunch of loosely associated paragraphs together gets the kinks out of my mind. Also relieves a lot of my stress. I’m not worried so much about what to give to you as a reader and I can just pull out the stops at this point. Haha, good stuff. Though I wonder what it’s like to actually read stuff like this? Oh yeah, that reminds me, I gotta do that for some English homework. See you guys around. 🙂

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