The Real Bonds of a Friendship

I remember a time when I was weak. I felt unable to express myself. Suppressed and trapped, my feelings sat inside me like a gagged canary in a cage. I didn’t think that anybody cared for my weakness. I figured that people were happy as they were without me because all I could see were people smiling and laughing with their friends. To the human mind, appearances can be everything. Apparently people were able to perceive me as a warm person, even when I felt empty and cold, but I felt no bond to help close the gap.

People might say that this is strength, to be able to conceal such pain. I believe in the value of stoicism as well, but I didn’t have the strength to release my humanity, my anger, my love. That’s why I say that I was weak. I sacrificed part of my being, part of my depth, in order to be seen as a more comforting component of my community. I found out that without the occasional release however, we’re condemned to stagnation; if we can never catch a glimpse of what may actually dwell within our hearts, then we could never hope to understand each other and earn a more solidified peace.

I feel that when I decided to try to feel the real bonds of a friendship, I was able to gain something more out of my life. This “something more” is often what I use nowadays to keep strong under pressure. I learned more about what was in my friends’ hearts and I forever gained an invaluable resource and a new understanding of how upsetting it could be to lose people such as them. Yeah, just these past couple of days I’ve been really upset upon realizing how little time I have left with some of them. It’s how it goes.

But friendships don’t have to rely on space and time, I believe. I think that as long as we have the will of those closest to us within our hearts, we can still be friends with each other and still accomplish great things with one another. Because then, we still carry the bonds of friendship and love to keep strong together.

“A spirit doesn’t need a body to connect with others of its kind.” — Anonymous


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