A Universal Perspective

Blackness was the only thing I could see. I hated it. It was so lifeless, so stagnant and disgusting. I wanted it gone. I wanted light, something more. I was angry. So I took two little balls in my hands, these balls that would’ve minded their own business otherwise, and I put them together. I put them together with an effort and there was an explosion. It was the biggest, grandest light that I’ve ever seen. I was happy. A lot of the light disappeared though and I became disappointed, but after some time passed away, I became excited again as little lights flew off from the primary explosion. There was more to come, I thought.

These lights flew off in all sorts of directions and in all of these different colors and aromas. Eventually they started colliding with each other, making new colors and aromas and lights. My interest piqued. I wanted to know more about their destinies as creations. I waited for a while. They started making all of these shapes that stretched my imagination. Some swirled out into spirals that stretched vertically, horizontally. Some expanded into blue giants and some erected themselves into cloudy pillars. I never regretted my decision to fight the blackness that was so lifeless, so stagnant and disgusting.

It was a show that never seemed to end. It was a show filled with numerous spectacles. And what was more, was that these spectacles seemed to make everything grow. The lights spaced themselves out, and some of my little lights started circling one another. I was pleased. Eventually the big picture wasn’t interesting enough. I decided to turn my attentions to this one ball in particular. It seemed very little, and indeed many of the things that were happening to it seemed insignificant. A length of time elapsed and before I knew it, it turned blue and green and had small things running across the surface.

Whatever this ball is doing, I thought, I like it. Shall there be more? And indeed there was more. These things that inhabited this ball of mine changed as I looked at the ball. What if I did this? I took a tiny ball and chucked it into my blue sphere and the impact wiped out most of those running things. I examined the ball for a time and noticed some more creatures running around. I was pleased. I will have fun with this blue sphere. It’s not so lifeless, so stagnant and disgusting.


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