College Board: An SAT Scumbag

I pay $50 to take their test, right? And this test is supposed to determine my secondary education destiny, right? So it’s cool when they offer to give me four free score test reports, right? Wrong. Turns out I have some deadline to send out the score reports, but the deadline they set up makes no sense: it’s unrealistic for me to take advantage of this offer if I have no idea of what my score is. Since it was my first time taking the test, my expectations weren’t really high when it comes to what the score was going to be. I’m not the super genius that can take it the first time and get a 2350 and be done with it, like this one guy I know.

Just imagine how embarrassing this scenario is: I’m juiced to take advantage of my free score reports, I use them all up by signing up to send them automatically by the deadline, send them to the colleges of my dreams, and only a month later do I actually get to see the scores that I decided to send to those colleges. I could’ve gotten a totally gross score like 1500 for all I know; remember, we have to look “marketable” to these colleges (I discuss this in this post here). I could have good grades and still come off as a total numb nut with my SAT score, a score that’s supposed to reflect my reasoning abilities.

My main point: when you already have every aspect of college admissions in the palm of your hands, why make it harder for us, the students, and easier for you, the company? If anything, it should be easier for both parties. Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt a single soul if the deadline was extended so that everybody could get an opportunity to at least consider the score that they got on the test first and then decide if they’ll use the score reports.


One comment on “College Board: An SAT Scumbag

  1. Education is a racket, however because everybody respects the racket there isn’t much we can do about it.

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