Celebrate All Heroes

What is it about celebrity heroes that we take so seriously? What makes us admire them so much? Basically, a hero is any person that overcomes a great obstacle to achieve their desires. A celebrity hero, in my book anyway, is a person whose achievement is highlighted by our media and is praised almost universally within a society. In my opinion, celebrity heroes are great— in fact, there are a few that I undeniably look up to and hope to model after—but we allow such greatness to obscure our vision. If not blinded largely by the celebrity heroes, our vision would allow us to see the heroes that aren’t the center of the spotlight. These heroes are the ones that should be the most admired after, the most modeled after.

I’m thinking mainly of family and friends, when I think of heroes that fit this description. After all, all of us would know all of the obstacles that we have faced and are currently facing together. Because of the intimacy of facing common impediments, we’re probably not very aware of how much of a hero our best friend happens to be to us or to other people. In fact, this intimacy could explain why we focus so much more on celebrity heroes, who’re remarkably much more distant and are thus more romantic to idolize.

Granted, it’s important to keep celebrity heroes close in mind too. Sometimes people don’t actually have real-life heroes who are close to them, so it’s important to give those same people a chance to be able to experience hope and empower them to work towards something. However, I’m going to assume that most of you who are reading this right now have people close to you that you can appreciate dearly. These same people must know how much they mean to you. They must know of their ability to inspire because when they become aware of this, they find even greater power. And when you have more powerful friends, you’ll find that you’ve become closer with a larger support base.

Honestly, it’s both difficult and easy to make a gesture that can let your friends know of their significance to you. It’s easy because you’ll often know what to say; it’s hard because you’ll end up saying it without knowing the consequences that’ll result from a confession. In my case, my admiration can be such that it can cause genuine fear and awe, and I’ll end up dumbstruck. Of course, it’s not helpful to be dumbstruck when you’re trying to make a genuine and powerful gesture of appreciation.

If you’re a shy person like me, writing’s your new best friend for making an appreciative gesture. I’ll write my piece, pour my heart out into it, and ensure that it is a piece of work that represents me and my feelings. I will then let the piece fly and give it to my admired friend. If you happen to be on the flip side of the coin and are more outgoing, then daily comments and demonstrations will probably be your best method in acknowledging your hero. Things like, “Thanks for being my friend” or “You mean so much to me” or “I love/miss you” will go a long way in terms of building your relationship with someone you respect. You’ll be surprised when you discover that this respect becomes mutual!

To be honest, I’ve only done this exercise in gratitude with chicks, so trust me when I say that they dig it. Of course, you can do it for bros too, but it can’t be mushy or anything because you need to consider their manhood and pride. In fact, just a simple pat on the back and an acknowledgement that they’re the ultimate bro will do.

So go out and think of a real-life hero. Think of the things you admire in them. Think of the things that they’ve helped you with. Now put all of that together into one gesture. It doesn’t have to be huge and nerve-wracking; any small gesture can make their day and it can be built upon later anyway. I’m going to use the Nike slogan: “Just do it.” You have everything to gain. Who knows, maybe you could end up being a hero to them too!

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