AP Testing Sucks, Plus a Tangent on the Power of Interwebz

Oh my God. I didn’t exaggerate when I said that those puny desks that we have to write on are one and half of my hands in terms of length and width. It’s ridiculous. Writing on the pitiful excuse for a desk in itself isn’t so bad, but I have a problem with having to balance my exam booklet on my left leg and putting my answer sheet on the table while simultaneously having to glance back and forth between the two papers.

Meanwhile, the creator of the concept of ergonomics rolls in their grave twice over as a pack of students do the same thing in the Little Theatre. Also, I still feel disgust in that students have to take the AP English Language Exam in that same accursed place. Of all days that the library is free, why Friday? AP exams are extremely quiet, so I bet the librarian would’ve enjoyed hosting another set of students in exchange for the unmolested sanctity of the place, no, the universe of study.

Well, actually, the library is kind of a joke in terms of being a library. Our librarian’s pretty cool and laid-back; combine this with her general geekiness and you get someone who is pretty sociable and helpful. However, during lunch, most of the computers are taken over by a herd of gamers, either playing Wolfenstein, Starcraft, Diablo, or Minecraft. The image of this herd of hardcore gaming humanity is juxtaposed with signs that say that the district computers aren’t meant to be played on. Lunchtime is the noisiest that the library ever gets and I’d imagine the librarian might not care, although I do know that she appreciates the quiet and doesn’t simply crack down on noisy students out of a sense of obligation, but out of an actual sincere desire to keep the peace.

So if you take an AP exam, during which you can hear a pin drop, a mouse fart, whatever, it should be a librarian’s wet dream. Perhaps the logistics of moving desks around were too much. For just, you know, one more day. Oh well. I’m not even that mad about it, to be honest. Letting out general steam is pretty nice though. And what better place than the Interwebz to let go? Exactly. It’s actually too good of a place to let go. It’s a very powerful place that can project a certain image of yourself.

Take ItsLavishBitch, for example. You may have heard of him on Instagram. He is known as one of the most truly obnoxious mofos on the Internet because of his portrayal and self-concept of being a rich kid. He accomplishes this with photos in which he rolls in money and makes big claims such as being able to “take shits in sparkling water” and considering all who don’t have hundred dollar bills as pocket change as “peasants.” Lavish, indeed.

Now, I don’t really want to give him any more attention than he already has already, but he comes to mind very easily when I consider this topic because I actually go to the same high school as him. Nobody who knows him now will ever think of him the same way ever again. Anybody who makes a first impression of him via his Instagram account and will only be able to think of him as a rich douche. Your ability to make a first impression, good, bad, or ugly, is exponentially easier because of the Internet. I can only imagine what it’ll be like for “LavishP” to get a job now, as any employer will be able to make a quick assessment as to whether or not “Lavish” will contribute to the workforce just by looking up his Instagram. And that’s all thanks to his extravagant attempts at gaining Internet celebrity status.

It’s truly scary to think that people have such power now because 1) your privacy is thrown out the window and 2) people will exploit this fact one way or another. It’s just another thing we have to think about when we venture out on the amazing odyssey of the Internet. Of course, with the same power, we can present truly amazing things that move and inspire us to become more. Knowing this, I just want to be able to see all of these incredible things that are out there, the great stories of real-life heroes who make a difference somewhere.



One comment on “AP Testing Sucks, Plus a Tangent on the Power of Interwebz

  1. Really good point about his job opportunities, it might not matter because once you have enough cash you’re pretty much set, but if he continues to blow it like he does you’re making a very good point. Also I agree with you on the library thing, except that nobody plays SC anymore, too bad, that’s the only hard game there.

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