Liebster Award Acceptance Post

liebsterI’ll start off by thanking Dan, who is the author of the Sound of Laughter blog and my nominator for this award.

Now to answer the questions! Fun fun fun.

1 ) How do you eat an Oreo Cookie?I haven’t had Oreos in FOREVER, but I mixed it up when I was younger; I’d bite half, split the other half, scrape the cream off, sandwich the ends together then finish it off or I might dip it in milk and eat it whole. I ate Oreos with both gusto and style.

2) You’re down in the dumps , what is your go to song/band/artist for elevation?

Hmm, no specific ones here, but I might listen to some dark stuff from video game soundtracks or anime soundtracks.

3) What motivated you to blog?

I thought I should give it a try. I actually came on to Word Press after having some dissatisfaction with Blogger. I have not regretted the decision. I really like the Word Press community a lot better, which feels a lot more alive.

4) You’re alone and in a good mood. Do you , whistle, hum or sing? Any particular tune?

I might hum or sing, but that’s usually when I’m in the shower. In general, I might listen to my friend’s cover of “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.

5) Of any skill you currently do not have , which one would you like pick up and cultivate.

I think of all the skills that I should have in the future, it would be best to learn more about finance. Financial independence is really important, especially since we seem to take it so seriously in our relationships with each other. It looks quite bothersome with all the numbers, but I think it would be worth it for having a decent life.

6) Where do you ponder life, liberty and your navel (?) : At the ocean , in the mountains, down by the river, or a field with no natural features?

Hm, of all of these, I’d choose a mountain. That way, I can ponder such things with a diverse landscape, though I’m not sure if I ponder my stomach’s look all that often. 🙂
Here are my random 11 facts:
1) My name is Tennessee.
2) I am named after Tennessee Williams, renowned author and playwright. NOT after the state.
3) I am a descendant of the Hunter clan and I’m proud of my Scottish lineage.
4) One of my Scottish ancestors, John Hunter, Fellow of the Royal Society, practically invented modern medicine with all of his contributions to the field.
4) I have a great hankering for Costco chocolate chip cookies.
5) My friends are convinced that I have Asian Persuasion, a.k.a. Yellow Fever, because all of the chicks I’ve liked throughout these years have been Asian, but I deny this.
6) I love swimming, wrestling, and running. I view all of these as great ways to test my individual might.
7) I’ve always liked writing, but I’ve taken it more seriously with this blog of mine.
8) I’m amused when people can’t spell my name right, happy when they can without assistance.
10) I feel like I’ve learned a lot more about the value of personal relationships throughout last year.
11) I feel like I’ve had a tough time in “getting myself out there,” so I hope to improve on that in any way I can.
Much love for nominating me the Liebster Award Dan!
Both of their blogs impress me. I may nominate more in the future, we’ll see. 🙂

5 comments on “Liebster Award Acceptance Post

  1. BeWithUs says:

    Congratulations~ Cheers!! 😀

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