“It’s strange. …

“It’s strange. The gulls who scorn perfection for the sake of travel go nowhere, slowly. Those who put aside travel for the sake of perfection go anywhere, instantly.”-Chiang

Another tidbit from Jonathan Livingston Seagull that I just had to put up. If you extend this metaphor to humans, you can find it to be quite true. I think of Olympic athletes especially, when I consider this quote; Olympians train relentlessly to perfect their athletic craft and end up seeing much more of the world than an average person as a result.


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  1. Freedomborn says:

    I appreciate obstructedbynone, people who think deep, life can be so shallow, so can Blogging when it’s all about feeling Saccharine sweet or itching ears.

    To be honest worldly perfection is not my goal I seek perfection in God’s Love, it is the only perfection that is eternal and nothing less will do if I’m to soar eternally.

    Without Faith worldly reality would kill all that is good in us.

    Christian Love from both of both – Anne

  2. If you actually read the story Anne, I feel like the perfection that the seagulls sought after wasn’t worldly at all. Perfection in the story was something that I felt like was described as something completely different. Please check out the “Passage from Jonathan Livingston Seagull” article I have on here, it’s a great piece that wraps up the essence of the book. đŸ™‚ Thanks for checking out my blog and giving me feedback, I appreciate it a lot.

    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi obstructedbynone, I’m interested to know what you think perfection is or what you think I believe it is.

      Christian Love – Anne

      • Haha, well, I actually have no idea what I think it is exactly, but I definitely think that it’s more of a spiritual thing. What I read from Jonathan Livingston Seagull was an idea that heaven is not a place or time, but rather a kind of state of being. And that’s an idea I can get behind. I hope that kind of answers your question. I think you seeking “perfection in God’s love” is closer to what I might want out of life too, even though I’m just an agnostic.

  3. Freedomborn says:

    Hi obstructedbynone, I need to explain I’m an Aussie and our time zones are different, so if I don’t reply straight away that is why.

    I was an Atheist in my head for nearly 30 years although I did know Jesus as my friend for a few years as a child. I have now travelled on the Christian road for just over 30 years but my real heart repentance was only 16 years ago and 5 years ago my eyes were opened and I was no longer in darkness, I could see, I am saved and being saved.

    I have no doubt now that God is a reality and have all that is needed to show you this Truth too but what I have found is most prefer to remain as they are, this is why God tells us to seek Him with all our heart if we don’t He won’t be real to us, sadly for most He is just a pastime like Blogging, the words are many but the heart commitment to seek Him is not there and this is because their foundation is not established they have no roots so they are always looking for new highs, how do I know because I was the same.

    But God is faithful and constant He knows those who are His and not one will perish, which means be eternally separated from Him, He is our Spiritual Life force so we can’t and He has known this from Eternity as He knows all things.

    If you really want to be perfected obstructedbynone, there is only one way, one Truth and that is God’s and regardless of how good others claim their way is, it’s really all pretending, shallow and superficial because it is not about True Love which is only found in Jesus Christ.

    Heaven is a dimension, it is never ending, it is a reality and it starts and finishes in our heart because if we believe, it will be real for us, if not it will never exist but for those who don’t find it’s reality, there will be another reality that they will find and it is also never ending.

    God tells us He created everything good including the Heavens, that is the Sky as we see it and the higher Heaven, His dwelling place. Who created God He always was, He is the Godhead 3 in One from Eternity… There is no time in Heaven like there is on earth and what we can understand without The Holy Spirit indwelling us is very limited, this is why we are to search for God with all our heart and when we do God will find us.

    Do you want to search obstructedbynone ?

    Christian Love – Anne.

  4. Don’t worry, I never get mad for any “late” replies, I understand that time zones and life applies all the time.

    As for my search, I’m not sure as to what I’m looking for. I think that anything that I will find will be found within myself. I’m still quite young and I’m in no real rush to find anything that big, you know? I do not seek to transcend the human condition because I rather enjoy it. What I do seek is to find the best way of enjoying my condition as best as I can and I suppose that this is the “perfection” that I seek.

    As for God… I’ve actually waited for a while to ask a Christian this question. Do you believe Him to be more of an internal or an external being?

    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi obstructedbynone, sadly you are wanting affirmation on what you think is True your not really interested in what God tells us is True, so if the search ends with you, you will find your own Destiny but where will that be do you know?

      In answer to your question it is below but will you understand it , that is the question and the answer to this question is also below and so is the final answer..

      Colossians 1:16-18 For by Him were all things created, that are in Heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. And He is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the pre-eminence.

      1Corinthians2:14 But the natural man received not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

      Your only Hope obstructedbynone is…..

      Luke 11:9-10 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

      Or you will find the only answer is ……

      Revelation 18:14 And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all.

      I will pray obstructedbynone that you will seek and find and then submit humbly to your Creator.

      Christian Love from both of us- Anne

  5. Thanks for your time in responding, I hope you’ve learned something from this too, like I have. đŸ™‚

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