Ode to the Honey Bee

If I think about an overall role model for the human race, it’s probably the honey bee. Seriously, we’d be in an ecological clusterpuck without them. With no plants getting pollinated, all of our food would be gone. But that’s not the only reason why. When I consider a honey bee’s temperament, it’s just so kind. When they bump into you, they don’t sting you like a belligerent moron. Instead, they acknowledge that it was their own fault that they bumped into you, so they buzz onwards to their business, not minding the collision. “Bzz bzz pardon.” Also, the fact that the bees will sting in order to protect their queen, effectively causing them to lose their own lives, is a nice demo of self-sacrifice. Our ecosystems have been preserved, thanks to the deaths of countless honey bees.


We get to live because of this guy.


Though I wouldn’t say that we’re that dependent on our insect bros, sheesh.

Granted, bees don’t think about this kind of stuff. They don’t see the big picture of it. But that’s why it’s so awesome; they just do it. Bees do their duty, no questions asked. Their capacity for self-sacrifice and responsibility is a true inspiration. I’ll keep the honey bee in mind whenever I want to act as a proper companion for someone. That way, I can keep life in perspective, see the big picture, and do the things I should be doing to support others.

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