Writing About Whatever the Hell I Want (And Why You Should Too)

Seriously, ever wanted to blow off some steam, but it wasn’t the right time for working out and getting sweaty or all of your music wasn’t doing the soothing trick? Writing about whatever the hell you want is a refreshing experience that can provide the soothing that music can bring and the equivalent of the post-workout satisfaction. Honestly. I don’t think my blog has a specific theme to it, it’s really just a bunch of stuff I feel like writing about. It’s cool to have a theme and all, but being able to put your two cents into everything is a sweet luxury. Especially those two angry cents you might have after a long day in school or in the office.

Writing is a very therapeutic activity. The stress just flows from the fingertips if you’re typing, or from your pen if you’re writing. You’re probably using a pencil right now just to spite me. Or are you an old-fashioned hipster with a feather? Hehe, ANYWAY..

For me, I get to write out all of my anger and my hopeless romanticism. And I still get to go on tangents for various topics. That way, I get to explore my own emotions as well as a topic that I might have thought about for awhile but have never fully investigated. Getting down into different subjects that you might not have any knowledge about also happens to attract other people with more authority than you on that particular subject. Based on my personal experience, if I try something new in terms of expressing thoughts about a subject, I get a swarm of new minds coming in to tell me “No, see, this is how it is,” or “I totally agree because…” I end up getting something fresh, I obtain new perspectives, I get new relationships. It’s really fun! Maybe if you’ve been blogging for a while and haven’t been up to snuff lately or if you’re just a reader, then you should try your hand at pouring your mind out. “Just let it fly,” as Chris Smoove says.


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