Word Press as a Pastime

I converted to Word Press as my new favorite pastime from Facebook. The improvement is… well, indescribably awesome. I feel like the common ground that writers can have with each other on here is absolutely amazing. No matter the topics they write about, no matter their backgrounds, no matter their differences in opinion, writers on Word Press (or any other blogging site for that matter) can come together to learn more about themselves and other people. It’s truly liberating and exciting to see.

Besides, the angst that I might have to deal with every day when going on Facebook is ugh, too much sometimes. I’d rather here about emotions and ideas in a more sensible manner. Okay, so your crush is being a “hoe.” What are you going to do about it? Writing about what you feel instead of trying to defame the focus of your emotions, at least to me, is more productive. Besides, doing that silly business on a social networking site is just prostituting for attention.

Sometimes the News Feed has things that I simply don’t want to see, such as pictures of animal abuse, all in the name of harvesting the approval of others. Gah. Yeah, if I’m going to be fed provocative material, I’d rather have it so that it gets me thinking instead of leaving me dumbfounded for three minutes when it’s 10:30 at night from the sheer shock value. Again, the thumb prostitution can be sickening.

Whereas on here, I can chill out, I can find new writers to read fairly easily, I don’t have to deal with online illiteracy so much… it’s just all good. To be honest, when I first came on here I thought to myself, “My people, they are here!” Online hugs were spread all around.

FB ain’t all bad though. Sometimes I do miss some of the fun stuff that I might do with my friends on it. Heck, people sometimes pester me to get my account back online because it was a better place with me around on it apparently. There are also people I’m worried about right now that I often contact with FB, but now my main mode of communication is gone. Oh well, I guess I’ll just find a way around it. I won’t be sucked in by such a silly excuse.


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