Why RnB For Working Out?

Some people might ask, “Why not?” I’ll tell you why not: it chills you out. To me, working out is something that gets me fired up. I get fired up, I pick up weights, I put them down, I get ripped, emotions get released. It’s something of a raw intensity that I feel like RnB doesn’t inspire. The reason why I’m talking about this is because I’ve noticed that people might be in the weight room listening to Beyonce or Rihanna. Now look, I’m not bashing the music itself at all. I’m bashing these people’s methodology of trying to get a good work out. I just don’t see how it would get anybody into the right workout mindset.


I love the way you lift. (Image courtesy of celebritynetworth.com)

While everyone else is listening to how the newest RnB singer just went through a break up, I’m listening to some more angry content from the likes of Metallica or maybe even a video game soundtrack. I mean, do what gets you fired up, but think about if this gets you fired up:

Think about it. Does it get you psyched up? Or do you just have those romantic feels swirling around? More power to you if you’re the former, but if you have the latter and lift to the song then it sounds like you need to switch up that background music. Okay, how about this song from Metallica, from their St. Anger album:

You might not like the song, but you can’t argue against it’s raw emotion. You definitely can’t. And raw emotion is a key component to working out. You don’t think you’re going to push yourself when you’re angry or fired up? Wrong. I’m sure that you’ll push yourself harder when you’re getting all of the natural aggression out than when you’re feeling the butterflies float around daintily in your stomach from some memory of a crush.

Now I know someone is going to bash me for saying that it’s not RnB, it’s some other sub-genre of music, yadda yadda. Or something. Fair enough, I’m not in touch with all of the nuances of sub-genres and whatnot. My main point: don’t be getting the butterflies for your workouts when you should be stoking the fire.

2 comments on “Why RnB For Working Out?

  1. So true! I have to listen to pumped up songs so can stick to the beat. Classic one now is My Body by Young the Giant.

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