My Top 5 Badass Role Models

We all have our own personal heroes. Mine happen to be a mix from both real-life and entertainment mediums.

1) Dan Gable

Dan Gable: one of the gods, if not the god of wrestling in America. The man is a tragic hero, having endured the pain of his sister’s murder during his later childhood in order to go on an NCAA winning streak that was only beaten by one other wrestler, Cael Sanderson. He later went on to the 1972 Munich Olympics and not only won a gold medal, but whipped every competitor he faced.

Here is his interview before wrestling in Munich:

His sheer intensity, focus, and passion for wrestling is an inspiration in itself. He is a true real-life badass.

2) Aleksand Karelin

Karelin is the true, through and through god of Greco-Roman wrestling (Gable didn’t compete in this style; Gable is more like the god of freestyle and folkstyle wrestling in America). Going into the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he hadn’t lost a single match in international competition for 13 years. In the 2000 Olympics, he was upset by Rulon Gardner, who won by only one point. Karelin, as a heavyweight wrestler, was able to put his opponents into a reverse lift and slam them back down on the mat.

In case you don’t know what that looks like:

Lifting your bodyweight is tough enough, but lifting your body weight at around 285 lbs. and then having enough strength to actually throw that in an athletic display, it’s raw badassery.

3) Madara Uchiha

In the Naruto anime/manga series, this guy is badass enough to take on five Kages (leaders of the ninja villages) at once, left them all in a collapsed heap of broken humanity, and casually strolled on to capture Naruto. His sense of humor also has an additive effect to his badassery; when Naruto asks him about what happened to the Kages, all he had to say was, “Who knows. They’re probably not okay.”

His prowess also enables him to summon meteors and a Susanoo capable of slicing mountains into bits. This is all nerd talk unfortunately; you would have to be a Naruto fan to appreciate what I’m talking about here. However, we now move on to another real-life hero.

4) CT Fletcher

This guy’s intensity for power lifting is seriously something that I like and want. His famous psyche up line being, “It’s still your set mother#$@!” he can really be a great trainer. He also went through some personal adversity, having had a quadruple bypass surgery that made him lose a ton of muscle and weight. He is now back, trying to make the power lifting scene again as well as eating more intelligently to preserve his health.

“The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: CT Fletcher,” courtesy of the strengthproject Youtube channel:

5) Kratos

This guy is actually a questionable role model, being from a video game and a well-established killer of innocents. Honestly though, his character development really came through at the end of the God of War trilogy, when he decided to forgive himself of all of his sins in order to finish the final confrontation. Also, he’s a Spartan, which means he earns automatic badassery points.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Sparta was a military state in Greece that dedicated its citizens’ very lives to military development. This resulted in soldiers of the perfect military mentality, having literally been born for war. Kratos’ fierce fighting skills and brutality that are both a fitting representation of Sparta’s might.

And who are your heroes? Go ahead and comment. 🙂


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