Video Game Soundtrack Discussion

What kind of music genres do you listen to? Most of my days are spent listening to soundtracks from video games. I find that video games are a great medium for discovering new music; the diversity of video game backgrounds requires a diversity of video game soundtracks. I thus can find and appreciate a variety of music, simply by listening to video game soundtracks. Nowadays, around 95% of the music I listen to or discover is from a video game soundtrack. Lately I’ve been getting into the Devil May Cry soundtracks.

Here’s a song from the most recently released DMC game:

As you can hear, this song is pretty clubby and has a bunch of electronic elements going on. However, I also like music that’s more Gregorian in nature. Take “Apocalypse” by Jesper Kyd, which is featured in Hitman Blood Money, as an example:

To be honest, I like my music to have a bit of darkness in it, so for me, “Apocalypse” is pretty delicious as a musical taste.

Those are just two songs from the many I listen to often. I also like listening to soundtracks from anime, especially the Naruto series, which usually has a lot of elegant music for the emotional moments and a good batch of psyche-up music for the fights.

Seeing that I discover most of my music through video games, I’m now wondering how a lot of other people discover new music… feel free to comment!

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