My Top 5 Video Game Soundtrack Composers

I might as well do this since I’ve been on this topic for a bit already. Note that this list is in no particular order, even though I may favor one over the other. The order is only determined by the order that I thought of them in.

1) Hans Zimmer

Zimmer is a well-noted composer all around; he’s uber prolific, having done an absolute ton of movie soundtracks and video game soundtracks. Among his noted soundtracks include: the most recent Batman trilogy, Crysis 2, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Here’s a song from Modern Warfare 2 that can give you an idea of what Zimmer is like in the video game medium, if you’ve never heard a video game soundtrack composed by him:

2) Jesper Kyd

Jesper Kyd has composed mostly video game soundtracks throughout his career. As far as I know, he has only done soundtracks for small cinematic projects. He also has an odd habit of doing soundtracks for games that aren’t necessarily that popular, which I think is a shame. He is truly versatile and his strongest suit is perhaps his ability to create ambient background music.

Here’s a song from Robotech Invasion that I believe really shows off Kyd’s abilities to make ambient sounds:

3) Gerard Marino

Marino is most famous for his works toward the God of War series of games, especially the first two titles that were released. Quite frankly, I love this guy for giving the games such a mythological atmosphere through his music. He even had a choir singing in Greek for his works, which I think is impressive for a guy who doesn’t have extensive knowledge in the subject and had to get advice from a translator.

Here’s a great overture/main theme for God of War II, courtesy of Marino:

4) Cris Velasco

Velasco is another prolific video game composer who has also contributed to the God of War series of video games. I know his work particularly from the first Darksiders game and the first Prototype game. His work is all-around epicness.

A song from Cris Velasco that’s featured in the Prototype original soundtrack:

5) Gustaf Grefberg

I know Grefberg mostly from his soundtrack work on The Darkness, in which he uses choir and rock elements to produce a really epic hybrid mix. He’s also done work The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

This song is probably my favorite overall from Grefberg:


2 comments on “My Top 5 Video Game Soundtrack Composers

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  2. Wow, thanks for the share! I’ll definitely have to get those on my iTunes. 🙂

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