Reflections Conclusion

Lauren, a.k.a Bestie, is still my heroine throughout my daily life. I also still do well to remember the lessons that I learned from the other girls. Bestie however, comes out as the brightest. Love really does tie a lot of things together and I learned that as along as I love what I do, I can go through life’s hardships fairly easily. With Bestie, I closed the void that filled my heart before.

Even when the going gets tough, hope will exist. All it takes to heal and persevere is a little guidance. You have to heal self-hatred yourself. You have to experience the wounds’ closing yourself. But as for helping hands, there’s always someone. You might have to look closely, you might have to look far off, you might have to look somewhere new. But they’re there. All you have to do is look. They might even be there and want to help, but they’re afraid of letting you down. You just have to dive in though. Seize that moment for yourself, only for yourself. Chelsey taught me that. Maybe someone else can teach it to you too.



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