The Desire For Specialty

I tried pulling myself up, but I couldn’t. Indignant, I looked up to the bar once again and jumped up, gripping it with both hands. I tried pulling with all of my might, but my will only got me half way up. The pull up attempt was a failure. I got back to the ground, with my tongue in my cheek, a common gesture of frustration of mine. My dad noticed and said that I’ll be able to do more eventually, if I worked towards it.

That was back in 7th grade. Now I might do eight pull ups as a warm up, and I might do rows with 190 lbs. It’s still not where I want to be, naturally, but it’s a story of how far I came. Working to become stronger, to become better. It’s a lesson that can be applied in all walks of life.

I wanted to become a better writer, to see if I can captivate a sizable audience, so I came here. I came here to write, and write I shall. If I find more models for proper writing on here, then I’ll follow them and replicate an aspect that I think will make me an improved writer.

I don’t know how far I want to take my writing, but I know that it’s an important communication skill that would do well to be sharpened. I know that it’s a communication specialty of mine. The world is dominated by specialists,  never by jacks of all trades. My decision to go on this journey on this site is just another step in order to nail down another specialty.

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