Getting the FB Monkey Off My Back

Yay, I got my first few followers today! Good stuff. Today was also unprecedented in that I woke up at around 9:30 am instead of sleeping in until 12. I like the feeling of getting up at around 9:30 better, to be honest. I chilled out around the house today reading a ton of manga. I’ve gotten into Berserk, which is a pretty gruesome piece of work, but it has some sweet ideas regarding the darker and lighter sides of the human race. The anime adaptation is also pretty good, judging from what I’ve seen on Youtube.

Here’s the link to an inspirational speech about a man’s dreams from the Berserk anime:

Today I also posted up some writing works that I did a while back. I’m glad that they received some positive reception, including my poetry, which was surprising to me. I’ll probably continue to put up my past works. This kind of activity makes me look like such a prolific writer, hehe. But naw, I’m just getting into this thing seriously.

I deactivated my Facebook last Sunday. I’m already liking the results: my productivity has gone up a fair amount and I’m doing things that I want to do. My friends at school were fairly surprised that I did this, since I was such a Facebook fiend, always commenting on people’s posts and whatnot. My statuses were also better than the usual teen angst garbage that’s commonly associated with my generation; there were only a couple others that wrote out really nice, deep thoughts.

Some even urge me to reactivate my account so that their FB experience wouldn’t be so boring. What’s up with that? I think it’s kind of sad that I’d be the only reason why certain people would have a Facebook. No joke though,  a couple people actually told me this, much to my amusement. One friend said he was glad that I deactivated because then he wouldn’t have a reason to use FB anymore.

The move to delete my Facebook was inspired by the two young ladies that I look up to the most. I always try to catch up to them somehow, some way. But also, that Sunday night, I risked failing an assignment because of my procrastination. I figured that it was enough. That will be the last time I stay up that late because I put off doing homework for something that was hardly productive. I would rather have stayed up late because I did something before that made the entire day awesome.

Today I don’t feel so angsty, which is nice. Once I do though, I’ll be sure to make it into something nice for my readers. Or for myself. Working out is always a productive activity.

6 comments on “Getting the FB Monkey Off My Back

  1. Facebook has been out of my life for over 2 years. I don’t miss it at all! 🙂 Good for you! Besides, here we can REALLY see you. 🙂 Am I one of your newest followers?

    • Yeah, you are actually! I started like a week ago, but I wasn’t getting any views until yesterday when I actually added some tags, LOL. Word Press has a funky UI I still need to get the hang of. Not to mention that it’s stat count is still weird for me. 😛 The writer’s life is the life for me!

  2. positivagirl says:

    Hey thanks for visiting my blog!! 🙂 I love wordpress. Since I have been here, I don’t post on Facebook anymore. I find that here I can be more real its liberating, and feels free…. so tired on Facebook of the world and his dog knowing my business.

    • Thanks for returning the favor! I definitely appreciate any comments on this fledgling blog. And yes, I feel like I can have my thoughts processed by other people while also not having to deal with any stupidity. Going through my friends list to make sure that there weren’t any ridiculous things that could be pinned on me in the future is too much for me. 😛

      • positivagirl says:

        Yes I like the privacy of not being on Facebook newsfeed was awful. Everytime you clicked like the whole world knew about it.

        My blog is new too.. I have only been doing it since February. (last month) ….. I just type fast … 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s some good stuff! Well, writing is all about just putting your stuff out there. Let’s keep at it! >=D

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